Bogenhafen has a population of about 5,000, and sits at the highest point of the river Bogen which is navigable by large, river-going vessels. It acts as a local market centre: goods from Altdorf, Nuln and Marienburg come to Bogenhafen by river, and are traded for local wool and wine. Lead and silver, brought down from the mountains are trans-shipped here, for distribution to all parts of the Empire.

Trade is the mainspring of the town’s economy, mercantile interests dominate the town’s political life, and the real power in Bogenhafen lies in the hands of just four wealthy fammilies.

Political Structure

The town lies within the boundaries of the Barony of Saponatheim and falls under the jurisdiction of Baron Wilhelm who holds court at Castle Grauenburg, some 25 miles to the North.

The Council

In theory, Bogenhafen is ruled by its council, and the few issues that get as far as a council debate are decided on by a straight majority vote. There are fifteen seats on the council, held by the following dignitaries:

Four representatives of the Merchants’ Guild.
One representive of each of the four major merchant families.
The local priest of Sigmar.
The heads of the Physicians’, Tailors’ and Weavers’, Teamsters’, Stevedores’, and Mourners’ Guilds.
One representative of the Craft Guilds, chosen from among the heads of the Cartwrights’, Carpenters’, Jewellers’, Metalworkers’ and Masons’ Guilds.


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