Character Creation

Creating your Character
First: go to this website and choose your race (preferably Human) followed by your gender.

Second: Then you click on Random in the character background table and it will take you to a new page with your new character. Remember some of the careers may seem lame but they give you good background to go on and allow for a diverse skill set within the group.

Third: You may take Shallya’s Mercy on one stat roll to make it the average for your race, so choose wisely – depending on what you want your character to do.

Fourth: Go to the bottom of the page and choose between the optional skills and talents for your career – depending on how you like your character. Then click the button “make skill and talent choices”.

Fifth: You may click on ONE free advance for your character to start out (this is to make them a cut above the average Joe in creation).

Finally: Come to Obsidian portal, create your character using the WFRP 2E dyanmic sheet and fill it in as shown on the generated page or pdf. You may change your name and any personal details. You may need to enter beginning skills as advanced skills because the Obsidian worksheet doesnt support all skills. Also, you will get an idea of your trappings by generating your character’s PDF or reading the rulebook for your career.

The 10 Questions

To help you flesh out your character’s personality, these 10 questions are good for getting you from a vague idea to some specific attitudes that your character would have. I encourage using this system, and we have a 9 trillion question version for those who really want to dig deep. Note that your answers to these will likely change as your character develops, so start off describing your character as ’e was just before the campaign began.

Where are you from? What is your family like? What is your social class? What did you do before you became an adventurer? (Explain your childhood and/or career so far) Why did you become an adventurer? How religious are you? Who are your best friends and worst enemies? What are your prized possessions? Who are you loyal to? Who do you love/hate?

Character Creation

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