Estalian Kingdoms

Estalia is a Human nation, politically divided into several small kingdoms and lacking a central government.

Estalia is bordered to the northeast by Bretonnia. Its natural borders are the Irrana and Abasko Mountains to the east, the Great Western Ocean to the north and west and the Southern Sea to the south.

The northern kingdoms of the Irrana mountains are barren lands populated by fierce and tough hill-fighters, and where solid fortresses guard the mountain passes, while the kingdoms along the south coast are prosperous trading states whose ships ply the Southern Sea as far as Araby.

Estalian cities are solidly built and well-fortified, and of a generally younger foundation than those of the north. The two largest cities – Bilbali on the north coast and Magritta on the south – along with both being port cities, also represent the two most important and powerful city-state kingdoms. The rivalry between these two port cities (and between them and their Tilean neighbours, for that matter) has endured for centuries.

Estalian Kingdoms

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