The Empire

Largest and most powerful of all the countries of the Old World, The Empire is your homeland. Its history goes back some two-and-a-half thousand years, to the earliest days of Human development. Its founder was the legendary warrior Sigmar Heldenhammer, Hammer of the Goblins, who united the warring Human tribes and, in alliance with the Old World Dwarfs, drove the Goblins hordes from the Old World back into the Dark Lands beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. Later, the legends tell, he was accepted into the ranks of the gods, and now his religion is the most powerful of all The Empire’s many cults. Indeed, the Cult’s high priest, the Grand Theognist, is the Emperor’s closest adviser.

The current Emperor, Karl-Franz I, was elected (by those few provincial rulers known as Electors) ten years ago, and crowned in Altdorf by the Grand Theogonist. He is still a young man and the people have great hopes that, under his benevolent leadership, The Empire is poised on the brink of a new golden age.

Major City States and Provinces
Grand County of Averland
Barony of Hochland
City State of Middenheim
Grand Duchy of Middenland
Barony of Nordland
City State of Nuln
League of Ostermark
Grand Principality of Ostland
Grand Principality of Reikland
Grand County of Stirland
Grand Barony of Sudenland
County of Sylvania
Grand Duchy of Talabecland
City State of Talabheim
County of Wissenland

Chaos in The Empire
The Empire, greatest land in the Old World, is under attack, not from enemies on its borders, but from within. Lurking within the tangled depths of its vast forests are mutants, Beastmen, and even the occasional dreaded Chaos Warrior. From time to time, these groups run amok, slaying and burning until their beastial appetites are sated with the blood and suffering of their victims. Mostly, though, they wait for the day when they shall pour out of the forests and claim the Empire for Chaos.

Numerous omens portend that that day is approaching; the warp gates will again expand and the Gods will reward their chosen people with blood and the gifts of Chaos. So they wait in the forests, picking off those who stray too far from the roads, but mostly fighting amongst themselves – for how else shall the strong prevail?

Dangerous as these bands are, they are not as great a threat as those human servants of Chaos already in the towns and cities, plotting the Empire’s downfall and worshipping the Chaos Gods behind securely-locked doors. These are indistinguishable from the ordinary citizens of the Empire, they control towns and guilds, and even have influence at the Imperial Court. Such are the cultists who undermine the Empire, seeking to pave the way for their foul Gods.

Many of the cultists are duped fools, blinded by promises of wealth or power, seeing only personal gain and the fulfilment of their most carnal and depraved desires in the cults’ actions. Easily manipulated by their superiors, they fail to see the true horrific nature of that they serve. Others are not so gullible; they know why the cults exist and do their utmost to further their power. Chaos brings strength, and those who harness it shall be in a position to tear down the Empire and glory in the power of their dark Gods.

And so, in dark subterranean caves, and behind the facades of rich town houses, the servants of Chaos hatch their foul plots….

The People of the Empire
While having a healthy distaste for Chaos in all its forms, the majority of Imperial citizens are unaware of the extent to which Chaos has wormed its way into all levels of their society. If they knew, they would not be so complacent; steps would be taken to curb the influence of Chaos, and Witch Hunters would receive far more support than they currently do. Life in the Empire goes on as normal. The Authorities satisfy themselves with the occasional trial of a Demonologist or Necromancer, and with sanctioning the destruction of villages believed to be harbouring the agents of Chaos.

As Chaos grows in strength, Imperial nobles continue to indulge themselves in parties and other glittering social events, and the middle classes go blithely on their way seeking to enrich themselves and join the ranks of the nobility. At the bottom the common folk struggle to do the best they can, worshipping the gods and praying that the harvest will be good this year.

But the times are changing…

Electors and Rulers
Emperor Karl-Franz I, Grand Prince of the Reikland – based in Altdorf age 35; named heir is Prince Wolfgang Holswig-Abenauer, his sister’s eldest son.
Grand Theogonist Yorri XV of the Cult of Sigmar – based in Altdorf
Arch Lector Aglim of the Cult of Sigmar – based in Talabheim
Arch Lector Kaslain of the Cult of Sigmar – based in Nuln
High Priest Ar-Ulric of the Cult of Ulric – based in Middenheim
Grand Prince Hals von Tasseninck of Ostland – based in Woflenburg; age 62; named heir is his only son, Prince Hergard
Grand Duke Leopold von Bildhofen of Middenland – based in Carroburg; age 46; named heir is his younger brother, Baron Siegfried
Grand Duke Gustav von Krieglitz of talabecland – based in Castle Schloss (just outside the town of Herzig); age 22; no named heir
Grand Baroness Etelka Toppenheimer of Sudenland – based in Pfeildorf; age 51; named heir is adopted son of distant relative, Baron Olaf Sektliebe
Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen of Stirland – based in Wurtbad; age 15; no named heir
Grand Countess Ludmila von Alptraum of Averland – based in Averheim; age 77; named heir is her eldest daughter, Baroness Marlene
Graf Boris Todbringer of Middenheim – based in the Middenpalaz in Middenheim; age 57; named heir is his youngest son, Baron Stefan
Duchess Elise Krieglitz-Untermensch of Talabheim – based in Talabheim – based in Talabheim; age 31; no named heir
Countess Emmanuelle von Liebewitz of Nuln – based in Nuln; age 27; no named heir
Elder Hisme Stoutheart of the Mootland – the Halfling Elector

The Empire

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