Tilean City States

Census Population: 237,390

Tilea is a nation of the Old World, lacking a central government. Sharing a common language and culture it is politically divided in several city-states. The city states have varying forms of government – some are republics while others are principalities.

Tilea is famous for its mercenaries, Humans are the most common, but Dwarves, High Elves and Ogres are also employed in the armies of the Merchant Princes.

Tilea roughly surrounds the Tilean Sea. The Apuccini Mountains form the eastern border, the Abasko Mountains form the western, and the Irrana Mountains form the northern. The Apuccinis protect Tilea from the lawless region of the Border Princes, but the forests of the foothills are dangerous enough, harboring predatory beasts. Goblins and bandits are also a pervasive threat.

The coastal states are important maritime powers which struggle with the Arabians and Estalians for dominance of the sea trade. Although Tilea is distinguished by the rivalry between its city states, the recognition of a common heritage ensures that they usually cooperate against common enemies. The inland states are mostly concerned with agriculture and are sometimes subservient in some way to the coastal states.

Perhaps the most historically important Tilean city is Remas. The ancient Remans were among the first humans to be uplifted by the Elves, before the rise of Sigmar, and Reman military and political organisation have served as a model for much of the rest of the Old World, especially among clerics and academics (including the Colleges of Magic), who still tend to write all their formal work in Classical, the language of ancient Remas.

Tilean City States

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