SWL - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Session 1 - The Coach and Horses

  • Sgt Otto gives the group Handout 1 in Delberz.
  • As they approach the inn a coach comes charging at them getting away.
  • They travel to the Coach and Horses Inn to catch a coach to Altdorf. Inside is the landlord, a fop, a nerd reading some book, an irritable young noble woman and her entourage.
  • Play some cards with Phillipe and catch him cheating, but let him get away with it.
  • Decide to join the Ratchet Lines coach to Altdorf, despite the two coachmen being off their faces.
  • Peter flirts with Lady Isodales bodyguard and almost gets in a fight.
  • Group leaves for Altdorf late, being delayed by the two hungover coachmen, Peter and Gustav offer to drive.
  • While making up for lost time by traveling at a fast pace, Peter crashes the coach and the wheel comes off.
  • Finally get the wheel back on but are delayed even more and evening approaches.
  • They are then confronted with a mutant eating a dead coachmen. Mutant attacks them but Felix smashes him with some magic darts.
  • Up ahead they hear a bestial sound and sneak up on a band of mutants who were busy looting a coach (the same one seen charging at them at the Coach and Horses Inn)
  • The group kills off most of the mutants (with a lot of help from Phillipe).
  • While looking over the corpses, they discover that one of the dead looks like Heinz. In his pocket they find some papers (Handout 2)that start visions of gold dancing in their minds.
  • Roadwardens arrive, the characters are polite and their coach is escorted on.



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