SWL - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Session 2 - Trouble in Altdorf

  • The party arrived at the Seven Spokes Inn for the night, where the Lady and her entourage got off the Ratchet Lines coach and onto a Four Seasons for the rest of the trip to Altdorf.
  • With the free seats, a young noble hating agitator and a stranded messenger joined the carriage.
  • Everyone bought cheese, and the doctor chef healed Heinz and Gustav.
  • On the journey to Altdorf the next day, Hermann and Rudiger heard of the adventure with the prince. This would provide Hermann with an alternate source of income (now Mr Bones is gone) and give Rudiger the opportunity to dig up some dirt on the Prince and nobility.
  • Upon arrival in the magnificent Altdorf Heinz is confronted with two men seemingly signalling at him by pulling on their ear.
  • Fighting through the crowd toward the men, Hermann is pickpocketed.
  • The men dissapear into a doorway off the village with a man with a scar on his neck.
  • Having to deliver his final message to an old friend on the docks, the group follows Hermann and they meet up with Josef Quartjin, who informs them that the prince has left town on the expedition to the Grey Mountains.
  • Josef insists on having a few bottles of wine at The Boatmen Inn.
  • Josef offers the group work on his boat as it heads to Bogenhafen for Scheffenfest (Handout 3)
  • While drinking, a notorious thug (Max Ernst) walks into the Inn, orders some wine and sits in the corner.
  • After a few bottles of wine, two noblemen enter with their bodyguards and insult the patrons. They then begin playing a drinking game which involves skulling a beer and vomiting on a commoner scum for a laugh. Unfortunetly, Hermann is targeted and covered in vomit.
  • Herman talks back to the noblemen, which encourage them to continue to pick on him by vomiting on him and laughing.
  • Hermann eventually takes a swig of wine to spit it at them, but is confronted by the Protagonist Max Ernst, and warned to “just sit down pea-brains”.
  • The group decides to ignore the situation and let the nobles get away with picking on them. Eventually they get bored and leave.
  • As the group decides to leave, Max Ernst confronts them and demands 2 bottles from Heinz for not bashing his head inn and collecting some coin from those noblemen. Heinz agrees to pay him the bottles of wine, but Hermann is insulted and with the numbers advantage – finally attacks.
  • After a bit of a brawl, including a great Unarmed hit from Rudiger – Heinz finishes off Max from behind, chopping his leg clean off at the thigh and killing him in seconds from blood loss.
  • The group are treated as heroes in the Boatmen Inn, they search Max’s body and the patrons throw it into the ocean.
  • On the way back to Josef’s boat for the night, they become aware of being followed. The group decides to hide out in an alleyway and wait – to see two men shot down by a crossbow in the streets.
  • The group hurries back to the boat, and on Rudiger’s watch they discover the two men slumped on the front of the boat with crowssbow bolts still in them. Upon searching the bodies they realise that these are the two men who were signalling at Heinz on arrival in Altdorf, and each bears a symbol of a purple hand tattoo on their chest.
  • The next morning, Josef enters and wakes the group up to inform them that they must stay in the cabin of the boat as the watch is looking for them, suspecting them for the murder of the two noblemen at the Boatmen Inn last night. Although the group has been wrongly accused, they hide out in the boat as the rest of the wine is packed for Schaffenfest.
  • Finally, the group sets sail for Bogenhafen – as wanted men in Altdorf.



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